Pre-Nursery: Our Pre-Nursery program is a structured and organized program designed for children aged between 2 to 3 years old, with a focus on fostering positive habits and establishing a routine that supports their growth and development. Our curriculum offers theme-based learning opportunities to aid children’s understanding of various concepts. We encourage children to engage in hands-on exploration and discovery, as we believe that they learn best through their experiences. Our learning centers facilitate active learning and promote a love for learning. Our program is designed to nurture children’s curiosity and creativity, instilling a lifelong love of learning in them. Our Pre-Nursery program encourages children to explore their interests. We focus on supporting children’s holistic development, promoting their social and emotional skills through interactive activities and play. Our program also promotes the development of children’s language, cognitive and motor skills through various activities. By nurturing children’s curiosity and creativity, we instil a lifelong love of learning in them.