1. Why Oxford Kids and the benefits your child will get from a preschool?

We provide quality preschool education that gives your child the perfect exposure to an interactive environment where we aim to develop physical, mental, social, emotional, cognitive, and holistic skills.

2. When should pre-school start ?

There is no definitive answer to this question. As mentioned above, there is some variance between different preschools. But preschool-age is generally considered to be the two years before a child starts kindergarten.

3. Typically what is the educational philosophy followed by Preschool?

Play & Learn Programs are built to teach children to think creatively to succeed in the complex and ever-changing dynamic world. Purposeful & planned play emphasizes the importance of learning through play in a child’s intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. A typical preschool day will have structured and unstructured periods, enabling children to learn at their own pace. Values learned-play include:

• Children evolving as thinkers and reflecting on their environment

• Children are encouraged to make choices and practice individual decision-making. A conducive learning experience through various child-friendly activities.

4. What experience teachers & staff have?

They are trained in ECE, NTT & Montessori approach with excellent communication and inter personnel skills with a strong passion towards children and their individualistic development.

5. What are your Hours and Schedules?

Regular hours are from  Monday through Friday. We have an early drop-off and a late pick-up should parents need to extend regular school hours owing to their schedules.

During COVID, we have created a staggered schedule to ensure the safety of all and follow the below schedule:

6. Is potty training needed before joining preschool?

Washroom training is not a must for preschool. A child is unique & they may take their own time becoming Washroom trained. We help and aid in the process of each child becoming more independent wherein parents work as partners with the school.

7. Safety measures followed to ensure safety of child inside premises?

We follow complete security measures like a guard at the entrance, daycare attendants and teachers, gate height not accessible to a child, visitors are not allowed without permission, and handover of the child only to registered guardians. The school is under strict CCTV surveillance.

8. How much time will child get for outdoor/indoor play?

We promote and believe in making children learn through the play way pedagogy. Each child may have different concentration spans however for play, there is no limit to the time

We, therefore, understand each child’s interests and thereafter determine the amount of play-based learning to be rendered. Since our facilities in school cater to both indoor and outdoor play, a mix of both is indeed important for holistic growth.

9. How frequently are Toys and Classroom Sanitized?

The toys and classrooms are sanitized on a daily basis. Teachers/staff members follow a detailed checklist and sign off upon cleaning.

10. My child has a hard time separating from me. Will I still be able to stay in the classroom while she adjusts?

We have a settling policy . Know that your child will get used to the new routine at his own pace and we assist in an amicable settling process of your child.

11.At what Age does Oxford Kids accept students?

We serve children from 12 months through 5 years of age.

12. What is the Teacher Student Ratio?

The ratio varies according to the age of the children.

13. Are meals & snacks provided at preschool?

We provide snacks and meals to our children and our menu is curated for all our kids. We base the meal menus on nutrition, quality, and hygiene Apart from the meal menu, we also have an indoor café which can also be used by our parents when watching their children enjoy, explore and play.
Also, organize Birthday Bashes.